Did You Give Me a Dirty Look? You’ve Got a Dirty Look But I Didn’t Give It To You! (rimshot)

It was two years ago this September that I shaved my beard and mustache that I started growing right after I left WREG.  I make that statement because some folks will argue with me on how long I’ve been clean-shaven.  The most recent incident happened at an office out east where I was conducting some business this past Friday.  I had some extra time and was waiting to speak to some folks who had not returned from lunch so I wandered across the hall and caught up with a couple of my former co-workers from DOTR.  One of them I had seen as recently as the memorial service for Brian Teigland (first weekend in August).  I stepped to the entrance of her cubicle and she looked at me and said “when did you shave”?  I told her almost two years ago and she wanted to argue with me.  Maybe she was suggesting that I cover up my face again with facial hair.  She wouldn’t be the first to suggest that I do that or at least on occasion wear a paper bag over my head.  It’s a thought (the paper bag that is).

My lovely and talented bride and I had a big time when we stopped by the annual Cooper-Young Festival.  The CY festival is one of the reasons I love Midtown.  I think it’s safe to say you see things there that you won’t see anywhere else in the Memphis Metro area.  It puts me in the mind of a former ND at WREG who decided to attend the CYF with his wife and I think one small child (at the time).  I think he was freaked out by the crowd and made the statement at work that he was quite disgusted that he “smelled marijuana smoke”.   When I first heard the story I thought he might be complaining because nobody offered him a hit off of a bong.  In retrospect he probably would have had a conniption if someone had.  I will go on the record as saying that I’ve never smelled the odor of what some describe as marijuana smoke at the CYF nor have I seen anyone engage in the ingestion of drugs at that festival.  Now alcohol…that’s a different story altogether as anyone who has attended the festival knows.

My wife has informed me that she and I along with her mother are scheduled to travel to Houston, TX for a wedding in the not too distant future.  Of course that particular trip depends on whether they can get the city cleaned up in time for the nuptials.  I’m not getting too excited about it one way or the other.  Whatever excitement they have planned down in the Lone Star State, they will be hard pressed to surpass the fun of the past weekend.  Maybe I’ll grow my beard back in time for the trip.  Since it’s been at least two years since I’ve seen these folks,  I’ll look the same.  Of course someone might ask me when I’m going to shave.

Finally, I find I’m still trying to figure out some things on Facebook and LinkedIn.  Most things are pretty self explanatory and so simple that a 50-plus guy could do it if I spent a little more time with it.   But I’ve gotten tripped up on a couple of things so I plan to have one of my lovely nieces who live in Memphis give me a tutorial on what boneheaded things I’m doing wrong.  (I won’t go into details until I get it figured out.)  On the topic of LinkedIn I see where a former co-worker DOTR has started a discussion group for radio and tv people in Memphis.  (Okay there are some former TV and radio folks who are members too.)  My point here is that I guess the management DOTR relaxed its Vulcan Death Grip on what employees could and could not do on the internet.  It seems that it hasn’t been that long ago that a former female reporter at WREG (her name escapes me) had a blog and when this was pointed out on the blog of another fomer WREGer, I heard she got chewed out and the blog went dark.  Anyway, glad to see they’re letting folks DOTR get involved in this whole “internet” thing because I think it’s here to stay now that they’ve got the internet on computers.

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2 Comments on “Did You Give Me a Dirty Look? You’ve Got a Dirty Look But I Didn’t Give It To You! (rimshot)”

  1. the tall tv guy Says:

    Joe, it’s interesting the comments you get on something like growing a beard. When I tried many years ago, walking into a meeting a co-worker commented I didn’t wash my face today. I didn’t give it enough time to grow in full and shaved it off. A few years ago I tried again since I was in a passion play for Easter. Less than a week later, another co-worker asked, it’s after Easter, when are you going to shave that crap off? Talk about diplomatic!! It went away but was surprised how much grey there was in it.

    Another hi-tech issue: why is texting (especially with the younger crowd) on cell phones so popular? I don’t get it…just call them! My .02…

  2. Doug Johnson Says:

    You shaved? I hadn’t noticed. But wait – aren’t you Joe Birch? I’m so confused.

    Speaking of crowds, I was in Atlanta and Washington DC this week and I never get over how busy some cities are at all hours of the day and night… Here in the rapidly-expanding downtown, the only routinely busy place I see is Gus’ Fried Chicken (busy with good reason – there’s some good bird in there – get you some if you haven’t been!). That’s why it surprises me when people are surprised when I tell them that I ride my bike on the streets. Heck, there’s never much traffic down here.

    And yes folks, his nieces are lovely. And I mean that in the most respectful way (I sure don’t want a bunch of angry, protective Larkins men after me)…

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