Hi, My “Palin” Name is “Beans Harpoon” and A MidSouth Anchor Puts Some Sweat Equity into Their New Set

I learned as I was growing up there are some interesting names out there.  I learned right away (back in the day) that if someone had a last name for a first name, they probably came from money or had some supposedly great lineage.  In the South, some folks put a lot of stock in names.  Remember “Brick” (Paul Newman’s character) from “Cat on a Hot Tin roof”.  There’s Stone Phillips (Stone being short for Stonewall as in the late great southern general).   At this point let me go on the record saying I’m not laughing AT this particular VP candidate, I’m laughing WITH this particular VP candidate.  I admit I was amused when I heard the names of Sarah Palin’s children.  There is “Track” her son,  Willow, Piper and Bristol, her daughters, Trig, her youngest.  The names of her children have gotten a lot of attention and are getting even more now from me.  Which leads me to the point of this part of the post.  Someone put together  an internet site where you enter YOUR name and it generates what you would have been called if SARAH PALIN named you. I entered my name (Joe Larkins) and found I would be “Steak Leather“.  I entered Joseph Larkins and discovered my name would be “Beans Harpoon“.  My wife Bethany Smith would be “Halter Grasshopper” and our good friend and frequent poster here Doug Johnson would be “Skein Chug” .  I think DJ ought to consider legally changing his name.  Anyway, check out of the website if you get a chance.

Switching gears, I finally found out the answer to a question I’ve raised on occasion about what would happen to WREG’s “Live at 9” show which currently takes place at Peabody Place in downtown Memphis.  For those not up to speed, the downtown shopping center known as Peabody Place hasn’t been drawing the crowds and a number of shops of closed their doors prompting the owners to decide to convert the upper floors to hotel space.  Since L@9 does the show live from the common space in the mall and had a small studio under the stairs I wondered what would happen during the construction phase.  Well, as luck would have it, I had some business that took me down to PP and there in what USED to be Tower Records, I found the L@9 crew hard at word converting a section of the old Tower store into their new digs.  There were two directors, the audio guy, the producer and one co-host of the popular mid-morning show (I won’t mention any name but she is blonde and some know her as MBC) hard at work sanding and painting, trying to get things shipshape.  I’m not sure just when they plan to have to use the new location but I got the impression it was much sooner than later.  The best that I can figure out is that the crew was doing this work because the station didn’t want to spring for it to get it done or least wanted to do it on the cheap.  In all fairness, the word on the street is that WREG plans to build some kind of additional studio on the backside of station overlooking the river and this is just an interim measure.  The area behind the station is a great location with a great view.  I would think if they were wanting to save money then they might clear out a couple of the 2nd floor offices (which overlook the river already) and turn that into a studio.  Of course that would require some of the “honchos” to relinquish their offices (and views) and I would imagine that nobody really wants to do that.  Besides, I’m sure the new studio will be built properly and not be a makeshift set-up.   As for the L@9 crew, I applaude them for stepping up the plate and tackling this job.  I’m sure it builds a sense of camaraderie.  In the meantime, if you like to paint, do a little drywall sanding, etc., the Live @ 9 crew might be able to use you down at the old Tower Records at Peabody Place.   Just tell them that either “Steak Leather” or “Beans Harpoon” sent you.

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7 Comments on “Hi, My “Palin” Name is “Beans Harpoon” and A MidSouth Anchor Puts Some Sweat Equity into Their New Set”

  1. Richard Says:

    My name is “Wrangler Tractor” and my son’s name was “Flack Gobbler”.
    I only entered our first and middle names though…..Richard Steven and Steven Edward, respectively.

  2. joelarkins Says:

    Well, you must have gotten to the Palin name generator BEFORE THEY PULLED THE PLUG on the site. Apparently that site has been suspended. Too bad. It was fun while it lasted.
    Steak Leather

  3. Richard Says:

    Yes sir! I got to it last week after I saw it on “Fox and Friends”.
    I haven’t been back since and yes it’s a shame they suspended it.

  4. Skein Chug Says:

    So, where was the other anchor? I’d love to have seen a picture of a guy in designer coveralls (with matching pocket square) putting his back into the construction process… As I’ve told you before, “that cat Alex is a bad…”

  5. joelarkins Says:

    I will have you know that I ran into the “other” anchor/host of L@9 right after the show and he indicated to me that he had done his part and was headed back to the station. He was NOT wearing designer coveralls and was wearing his usual dapper coat/suit and tie looking GQ as always. So don’t go messin’ with AC (and I don’t mean the Shelby Co. Mayor) because as the late Issac Hayes once said (okay they both are) bad mother…..Hey I’m just talking about AC.

  6. Doug Johnson Says:

    Of course, I have nothing but respect for AC; when I was on-air, I tried, but never quite reached his level of sartorial splendor – but he gave me a goal, and for that I’m thankful.

    And I give him credit; I saw him roll up his sleeve this morning and get a flu shot live on air to encourage others to do the same. Participatory journalism is the best kind (although I always made sure to get my flu shots on tape just in case I cried like a little girl – which happened more often that you might think).

  7. joelarkins Says:

    Alert the media, alert the media! The Sarah Palin name conversion blog site is BACK UP AND RUNNING. ENJOY IT WHILE IT LASTS.

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