Odds and Ends on a Wednesday Afternoon

Some good news on the Sarah Palin name conversion site.  It’s back. The site went down not long after I had linked to it and I had surmised that someone had gotten to the publisher of said site to pull it.  Well, I checked it out again and found it was indeed up and running again so those of you who want to see what your name would have been in the governor of Alaska named you, have at it.  Just click on this location.

A former TV reporter from Memphis finds herself named in a lawsuit in the Twin Cities area.  Esme Murphy, a go-get-um reporter for WHBQ when they were owned by RKO was named in that suit involving a guy who tried a novel way of getting some decent money for a house he owned in the St. Paul/Minneapolis area.  You can find more on the story here. I ran into Ms Murphy out on the street and she really was a tough reporter.  I also remember that she scored an interview with Congressman Harold Ford Senior after he was acquitted in the big Butcher banking related trial.  She left everyone else including me in her dust on that.  It was quite a coup in my opinion.  I think she was fired from WHBQ but landed a job at WCCO in the Twin Cities where she has been since and apparently does a very good job up that way.  I see in her bio that she is a hockey mom.  Maybe she has a run for governor or even higher office out there if she wants.

And finally, I haven’t confirmed this independently but had an email sent to me that a man named  Omhari Sengstacke arrested outside of Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama’s house may have a Memphis connection. I had received a post right after the incident sharing that possible connection. Blogger David F. Diamond wrote me this note: Ethel Sengstacke tells me her nephew, Omhari L. Sengstacke, is the Sengstacke arrested in Chicago near Obama’s home a few days ago and charged with being felon with weapon, etc…Again, I have not spoken to Ethel to get this confirmed and I’m sure if this is not the case, I will hear of it right away.  Hey, we can’t choose our relatives and what they may or may not do is completely out of our control.  Besides, the Sengstacke name is held in very high regard in the Memphis area with their history with the Tri-State Defender.  I always enjoyed working with Ethel and learned early on that when Ethel was working the Assignment Desk at WREG that if she didn’t know a person or know how to get in touch with they probably weren’t worth knowing.  She really did seem to know everybody.  Plus, when it came to news, she was alway pretty level headed and didn’t get caught up in the uproar about what passes for breaking news these days unless it was actually worth getting excited about.  So if this guy is connected to the Sengstacke family of Memphis then that is a shame since his action has tarnished a good family name.

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