To Blog or Not To Blog. That WAS The Question.

I’ve wrestled over something all day Monday after a couple of phone calls and emails about the death of the chief engineer at WREG.  I finally decided that I would post something.  First, I’m keeping the family of Charles Riales in my thoughts and prayers and would hope that those who read this would do the same.  As fellow blogger Richard Thompson posted on his blog Mediaverse, details are sketchy at this writing. What we do know is that Charles was found dead in his office at WREG and he reportedly took his own life.  I’m sorry to say that I really don’t know as much about Charles as I feel that I should after my 16 years at WREG. .  He and I did chat when I wandered into the engineering area before I left WREG.  I remember asking him about how he got into the business and if memory serves me well, he told me he used to be a shop teacher I think In Georgia before moving into the broadcasting business.  Charles was quiet and had a dry sense of humor and he knew his engineering stuff as well as computers.  He was also something of an “Ironman”.  It seems to me that he never missed a day of work in the many years that he worked at WREG and was recognized for that effort during one of the Christmas parties.  He always appeared to enjoy his work and always spoke if you met in the hallways.  I remember thinking when chief engineer Jim Anhalt retired when Local TV LLC bought WREG from the NYTimes  that I was pleased to see that Charles Riales was named to the Chief Engineer spot.  It seemed like the right thing to do.  And now Charles is gone.   As I understand, grief counselors have been brought in by the company brass to help folks cope with the death of Charles Riales.  I hope they are able to help.  I’ve never been in that situation and I don’t know how I would feel if I was still working there but if it’s anything like what I feel right now, it’s not good.  Hang tough everyone Down On The River.

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3 Comments on “To Blog or Not To Blog. That WAS The Question.”

  1. JAC Says:

    Sorry to hear about this Joe.I know it must be hard on family,friends and the WREG family. You are all in my thoughts and prayers

  2. Nise Says:

    Thanks Joe.
    Charles was a true gem of a man and he is greatly missed.
    It’s very quiet at the station as you can imagine.
    If you don’t have them already email me and I’ll send you the arrangement information.

    Take care.

  3. Joe G. Says:

    Wow, I’m shocked and sad to hear this. I didn’t have many dealings with Charles, but when I did, he was always helpful and easy to work with. What a terrible thing to happen at WREG.

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