Darn You, Liberal Media, Some Local Ratings Numbers from Election Night, and A Member of the Bush Household Gets a Taste of that Liberal Media.

I’ve really tried hard NOT to blog about the recent presidential election and so many things surrounding it but I figure just this once. First, I will admit that for the first time since living in Memphis, a political sign was planted in our front yard.  As a person employed in the local news business, I could never show support for a candidate (unlike some news people in Memphis) so I never allowed a sign to be placed in our yard.  And because of our location on North Parkway, we had plenty of candidates and their supporters ask to place a sign in our yard.  I took the lone polticial sign down this Thursday morning and if you didn’t see it then I won’t bother telling you who it showed support for.  I think there were enough people whose heads were exploding from the outcome of the election in the area and besides the election is history.  The important thing to remember is that we are all in this together.

Jack, a good friend of mine, shared with me this article written by conservative columnist Cal Thomas. The point as been raised by more than one person about the liberal media and its bias toward Obama. I do think there was some degree of leaning towarrd Obama by the national media (Fox excluded).  At times, I was rather embarrassed that some of the MSNBC show hosts were so for Obama and against McCain that there never was any attempted at impartiality.  On the other hand, I caught an occasional glimpse of the Fox News morning show and they were so anti-Obama and pro McCain that they might as well have been wearing McCain political buttons.  And I’ve been reading the letters to the editor in the Commercial Appeal where the writers are almost in a state of apoplexy over Obama’s election.  Apparently with the election of Obama, there is nothing safe now and that includes Mom, Apple Pie and the Girl I Left Behind.

I received some ratings numbers from election night which showed that here in the MidSouth more people turned to WREG for their election returns.  Now I will admit that those numbers came to me from WREG but I consider them to be legitimate.  The second most watched station was WMC.  Now, having said that, I expect to see other numbers come forth from the other stations.  Anyway, congrats are in order to WREG.

And finally, I’m a firm believer that dogs in general and Scottish Terriers in particular are good judges of character.  As a point of disclosure, I will tell you that my wife and I rescue Scottish Terriers and at this time we have two of them in our household.  Scotties are hardheaded and stubborn and they have no concept of their size.  That can be a bad thing sometimes.  Our beloved Barkley who weighed in at 23 pounds launched herself at the neighbor’s  110 pound German Shepherd/Akita mix that looked like it was going to attack my wife. (Barkley didn’t win that encounter.)   So it was with much anticipation that I watched the video of Reuters White House correspondent Jonathan Decker as he attempted to make nice with Barney, the Bush family’s Scotty.  I don’t think one has to be a dog lover or an animal lover to see where this was headed.  Here’s the video.

Notice the ears on the dog are down and that the tail is down and not wagging.  That’s a pretty good indication that the dog is not a happy camper about something.  Or maybe he’s just a staunch Republican and exacting some revenge on that darned liberal media with its left leaning bias.  I report, you decide.

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One Comment on “Darn You, Liberal Media, Some Local Ratings Numbers from Election Night, and A Member of the Bush Household Gets a Taste of that Liberal Media.”

  1. the tall tv guy Says:

    The national media has leaned to the left for more than twenty years. Now it’s more obvious and there are more stories to the lack of balance. I don’t watch them due to this and don’t watch the local news because it’s overdramatized. (Just give us the facts, no big graphics and music lead ins.) I missed Tim Russert’s professionalism and consistentcy this November…no one else appears to be that objective.

    Noticed another big sign today about Andy Wise and Channel 5. It’s at the bottom of the escalator near the food court in Oak Court Mall. With less than two months left in the year, will Ch.5 honor the non compete clause? It looks that way or we could have a consumer alert report on a turkey scam a week before Thanksgiving!

    That reminds me, remember the bit from WKRP about the turkey drop? It’s very funny and is on youtube or the net somewhere else.
    Couldn’t help but laugh at that video…don’t think anyone else will mess with Barney. After the bite happened, it was a combination of show and tell and can you believe that dog bit me?!?!

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