What Kind of Confidence Does This Inspire?

Everyone who has bills to pay knows that things are tough out there.  Managers are constantly reminding employees to hold down expenses and “work smarter” and “we can get through this”.  It can be tough to keep thinking those positive thoughts when the head of an organization announces his or her resignation.  It’s especially tough when that “leader” plans to leave quickly.

I don’t know the particulars but I received an email that the GM at WPTY/WLMT in Memphis, Jack Peck, announced his resignation Wednesday afternoon.  The information I received said he would be gone in two weeks.  Wow.  People in TV stations (specifically newsrooms) are used to someone fired and escorted out the door but that is usually for the worker bees although I have seen that done to a couple of mid-level managers.  But when the GM of a TV station gives two weeks notice, it starts folks to wondering if the ship is floundering and that leader is getting out while the getting is good.  That may not be the case over on Union Extended and perhaps someone will share.

I’ve discovered that even if the leader of a company or business isn’t well liked, the departure of that person can still create an unsettled feeling since in some cases it’s “better the devil you than the devil you don’t.”  I do know of one incident not too long ago when a GM at WHBQ decided to leave.   This guy (as I understand) was rather heavy-handed in his dismissal of employees.  And, (again if I remember correctly) after telling everyone he had to let them go as a cost cutting measure, he shows up to work on a shiny new motorcycle.  I’m not sure but it seems to me when he finally left, he basically told the staff they could kiss his backside.  Now this might be urban myth but I heard it from a couple of former folks from over on Highland so maybe there is truth.  Anyone know enough to be able to share?

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3 Comments on “What Kind of Confidence Does This Inspire?”

  1. The GM Says:

    No comment.
    Now if you will excuse me, I left my motorcycle double parked.

    The GM

  2. the tall tv guy Says:

    Very funny, Mr. GM.

    People are remembered by how they leave. Some will make a negative remark to a few co-workers. One sent an ugly email out to everyone as he walked out. During his last two weeks, a senior manager played “Take This Job and Shove It” through his computer daily during his last two weeks.

    Don’t burn a big bridge. You may need to cross it again later.

    Hindsight is usually 20/20. Years ago, I didn’t like the way a reorganization changed things. So I left. Moved into not one but two bad situations. That employer has been very stable since and has more than doubled in size. The decision makers who made those changes moved on. But you can’t waste time looking back.

    Things are tough these days. I can understand the importance of getting people back to work. But what happens when the money runs out?

  3. Zeus Says:

    My best guess is Peck knows what is about to come down the pipeline.

    On the flip side, I think the majority of news folk are looking more than ever for an out.

    Most corporations set their budgets 15-20% down going into 2009. If car sales don’t pick up by 3rd quarter it could get ugly.

    The economic conditions around us have become an accelerant to change what we do and rethink they way we deliver news.

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