News People Should Explore a Career in Sports, & A Memphis Newsperson Who Already Has a Plan B

These days it’s hard to escape the realities of the economy and the state of our 200.5Ks (formerly known as 401Ks which are now worth about half of what they were).  I received a call from my good friend and former co-worker Jack Church who was making a business call in my former hometown of Bowling Green, KY and the  home of the Hilltoppers of Western Kentucky University.  Yes, I’m a Topper from back in the late 70s.  But I digress.  Jack called to tell me he was with some clients and they were listening to sports radio as they went to lunch or where ever and the news came on that Kurt Warner who led his Arizona Cardinals to a second place finish at the Superbowl was given a two year, 23 million dollar contract with a 15-million dollar signing bonus to stay with the Cardinals.   So, do you suppose he is worried about job security?  Then Jack shared with me that Manny Ramirez received a two year, 45 million dollar deal to stay with the LA Dodgers.  Apparently it’s all about being able to do something good with leather balls that will make you some serious money.   LOL  Moving on.

My recent post about newspeople (TV, newspaper and radio) needing to have a Plan B in case they suddenly find themselves in the unemployment line sparked some interest.  This point should really be driven home as the Commercial Appeal prepares to lay off folks from the editorial staff.  According to Mediaverse, those newspaper folks have received a reprieve of a few days. But it is just that: a reprieve.  Turns out at least one local TV person has a Plan B.  I’m talking about Corie Ventura, the traffic person on WREG TV’s morning show.  Corie started working at WREG around 2000 and spent until 2007 behind the scenes in the newsroom.  She’s cute, talented and I encouraged her to try for an on-air position before I left in 2004 but the news director suggested otherwise.  Apparently a member of management finally saw her talent and put her on morning traffic in addition to her other duties.  Well, it seems Corie’s on camera talent has really begun to shine through as she is involved in a web based soap opera.  And this really sweet girl plays a B*TCH in the soap opera.  It’s usually the other way around!  Wait, did I really just write that? LOL For those who haven’t caught Corie, check out this website. I hope this leads to bigger and better things so I can say I knew Corie when.

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2 Comments on “News People Should Explore a Career in Sports, & A Memphis Newsperson Who Already Has a Plan B”

  1. Pam Crittendon Roberson Says:


    Regarding “Plan B” – In my opinion it’s critical for those still in the business to plan for a “worst case scenario”. For that matter, same goes for ANYBODY working for somebody else. Multi-million dollar athletes notwithstanding, I don’t know anybody who has guaranteed employment. I have a great job in corporate communications, but I’m as vulnerable as anybody else when the decision makers are looking to cut costs. So in my ripe ol’ middle age, I’m taking steps to be prepared for yet another income-earning endeavor, just in case.

  2. Pam Crittendon Roberson Says:

    Oh, and apologies for being late, but thanks to JD for assuming I’m still beautiful after leaving TV News. Bless you. 😉

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