Someone Who Knows How to Promote, My Phone is Now Officially Smarter Than I Am and a Blatant Plug for Someone Who Asked for One

I had to get my wife’s car over to the dealership this morning bright and early (or in the case it was overcast and early) to get the 50-thousand mile check-up.  So as I was driving over I was listening to Drake and Zeke on 98.1.  They had been promoting that morning (and probably during the week as well), that Andy Wise, WMC’s consumer reporter was going to be there and would be taking calls and emails.  Let me tell you, that is smart promotion on both sides and especially AW’s.  I don’t know how long this has been going on but the other TV stations that hope to even begin to compete should be all over doing something like this with their consumer person.  During his appearance, AW gets to provide personal attention to particular issues, joking and cutting up with D & Z and if there was anyone who didn’t know where he was or how to contact him, they have a much better chance now.  Plus, it adds to the already large audience listening to D & Z in the mornings.  If WMC were really smart they’d have an “Ask Andy” column working in one of the local newspapers.

I’ve been on the road recently on business and find that I’ve really have a difficult time checking for emails while I’m on the road and in the field.  My wife, who has had an IPhone since October has been telling me that I needed to get one as well.  I was content to do without since we usually traveled together and I always had access to hers.  Well, she and I aren’t traveling together these days so I finally bit the bullet and purchased an IPhone.  Yes, I know there are plenty of smart phones out there and each one has its positives and negatives but this is the one that I bought.  Now, I need to look it over and get to know it.   If you hear a blood curdling scream, it’s probably me having issues with something that is probably way smarter than I am.

I received this request which I’m posting in its entirety, so if anyone wants to follow up, they have a working phone number.

Hey Joe,

Last year you agreed to help publicize a “green initiative” for MATA on Ozone Action Days, and we sincerely appreciated your support. This year MATA will offer 25 cent rides on the MATAplus buses and trolleys on Code Orange Days in the month of May. The air quality is a big concern in Shelby County, especially as we gear up for hotter months. A code orange alert means the amount of ground-level ozone in our air has reached unhealthy levels. This is especially important for any active adults or children exposed to prolonged outdoor activity.

The Shelby County Clean Air Authorities forecast the next day’s clean air level around 3 p.m. – 4 p.m. If a Code Orange Day is forecasted in May, I will send you an email alert. I would really appreciate it if you could then blog about it and let your readers know about 25 cent rides on the MATA buses and trolleys for the next day. Hopefully everyone will be able to save a little money while also helping out the environment!

Please let me know if you have any questions or would like more information. Thank you so much for your help!


Anna Michael

Account Coordinator

Thompson & Berry Public Relations

50 Peabody Place, 4th Fl.

Memphis, TN 38103

Phone: (901) 251-5161

I love helping out folks in need.

Finally,  some have  asked if our wounded bird (Piper Warrior) was back in the sky yet.   Yes it is.  It only took about three months but we are back to comitting aviation.  Thanks for asking.

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7 Comments on “Someone Who Knows How to Promote, My Phone is Now Officially Smarter Than I Am and a Blatant Plug for Someone Who Asked for One”

  1. jess Says:

    Hey Joe –
    Thank you for the nice mention and recognition of our newly iniated relationship with Andy Wise. It is something that is less than a month old, and we think is a mutually beneficial relationship – we’re bringing our audiences to each other.
    (Now, if only Arbitron would recognize the “already large audience” you mention, things would be aces.)
    (and props to Google Search for alerting me to your mention of the program.)
    Producer “Mitzi”, Drake & Zeke

  2. joelarkins Says:

    Thanks for checking in. And be sure to tell D & Z that I said “Hey”.

  3. The GM Says:

    You are showing your age. Consider this line.
    “If WMC were really smart they’d have an “Ask Andy” column working in one of the local newspapers.”

    Newspaper? It is all about immediacy, not showing up in rolled-up pulp just to be driven over each morning.

    My idea — give AW a dedicated page on Have scheduled live chats. Allow for questions to be emailed in ahead of time. Allow for interaction with the audience. Have viewers/users send video questions or use Skype for live questions. Simulcast it on 5.2 — use radio and TV to promote.

    I’m just a humble,little country GM but I don’t think any column or feature in the newspaper holds any promotional value or cache.

    The GM

  4. joelarkins Says:

    The GM
    I’m always showing my age. lol
    My point is this: If folks are already going to a station’s webpage, then they may be hooked in anyway. And if any station with a consumer reporter doesn’t already have the dedicated webpage and the regular chats, then they really are missing the promotional boat all the way around.
    HOWEVER, If the audience doesn’t know about the webpage and they don’t watch the consumer reports, then they may not know about what help, if any, is available. By having something run once or twice a week in a newspaper, it might be something that hooks even more people in. It doesn’t have to be fresh information, it can be something of common interest but it’s coming from the consumer reporter. It can be something as simple as “Tips to keep from being ripped off by….and mention the scam dejour. ” In this case it would fill some space in the local newspaper (which they would probably appreciate) and it gets the name of the consumer reporter out there to some folks who might not know it. Yes it may have limited appeal and have a limited audience but I would imagine any new viewer is more than welcomed by any broadcasting operation.

  5. Doug Johnson Says:

    Congratulations on the new phone. I remember when you were telling about when your lovely wife got hers. I’ve wanted a iPhone since they were introduced, but will probably have to find one on the street to actually get one.

    I was listening a few weeks back when D&Z asked Andy to appear semi-regularly. It is an excellent cross-promotional effort (and it’s good for both of them too!). If AW’s not careful, he’ll end up a one-man industry like Atlanta consumer expert Clark Howard. Not that rich, famous and head of a mini-media industry is a bad thing…

    And I guess I’m glad to hear that the plane is back in the sky. Makes me a little nervous to think a hunk of the thing could have dropped off while we were tooling around between TN & KY…

  6. jamey Says:

    An Andy Wise webshow will be or should be the natural next step for WMC. If you haven’t visited Ustream, go check out the hundreds of live webshows.
    Last Sunday night when my hometown was surrounded by tornadoes, I watched James Spann’s live coverage via the ABC 33/40 Ustream channel.

    He could practically do the Ask Andy show from home, by himself, with a laptop and a usb video camera.Posting it live to the WMC website.

    And I would be surprised if, after a few months, he had a regular audience not based just in the Memphis market. Sell ads and WMC has another revenue stream.

  7. The GM Says:

    You get it.
    The GM

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