Be Careful What You Wish For

I’ve said it before and I will say it again:  I know enough about most technology to be dangerous.  The really scary part is that in our household and in our home office I’m the tech guy.  That’s why I do a lot of head scratching sometimes when a piece of computer related equipment starts slowing down.  I will admit I was stumped as I started working on a project for a client and was having some sort of issues getting video to load up.  Five hours later, after all of that wonderful video was in the system my editing software started acting funky and kept shutting down.  I called a friend who is much younger, much more tech savvy and really knows Final Cut Pro.  He walked me through things that I had already done but that he wanted me to re-do.  Each time we got the same results.  Then he made a comment that made my blood run cold: “I think your second hard drive is failing”.  Considering that I still had a couple of projects on that external 500 Gig drive, I was about to shift into panic mode.  Turns out I didn’t have time to panic as the hard drive crashed and burned right after I got off the phone with my friend.  As I drove to purchase a new hard drive I remember thinking earlier in the week how I wished that I had a new hard drive with a couple of terrabytes of storage.  Well, now I have one.   And I spent most of last night re-loading video to it and trying to figure out how to re-do what projects I lost.  Bottom line: be careful what you wish for as you just may get it.

Speaking of technology crashing,  it appears that both desktop PCs that my wife and I use in our office are winding down with the computer that my wife uses really acting like it’s about to auger in.  Granted these machines are about six years old and we have gotten a lot of use out of them but the timing could be a whole lot better.  But aging machines wait for no man/woman and I just hope to get something in place before one or both of them die.  I’ve backed up what information I can in the meantime.  The biggest issue appears to be getting a machine with the Windows XP OS on it as few if any of our software programs will work with Vista.  Plus I’ve not heard anyone who is happy with Vista.  I’ve priced some machines through Dell, PC Mall and a company in California that builds machines and now I just need to crunch the numbers.  I know I just don’t want another “death” to occur in front of me.

Finally, as I was driving to pick up my new hard drive I saw a billboard promoting Memphis’ Rock 103 radio station and I was reminded of that article that I saw last week (or was it the week before) about the promotional video that no TV station wanted to run.  For those not up to speed, here is the article.  The part that really got my attention was the comment from the Catholic Diocese which stated: “But it’s also not very well produced. One wonders if they ever intended for it to air in the first place or if they just wanted to generate controversy for their show. ” Ouch!  Man, I would hate to be the person/group that produced that video if someone dogs it like that. For those who have not seen the video, here is a link.

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5 Comments on “Be Careful What You Wish For”

  1. Chris in Brasil Says:

    Hey Joe,
    I’ve hesitated whether to chime in on this one simply because I don’t want to stir up anything or chase rabbits. I’m the guy whose gave up looking for a career “in the business” and has been in Brasil for the past 14 years. I’m a Christian, a missionary, Southern Baptist at that. I work with university students. I’m not a “in your face”, Bible thumping kind of guy.

    For me personally, the ad saddens me. It saddens me because the general population has lost respect for any aspect of Christianity. Of course they have! People know what we stand against more than what we stand for. “We” and I include myself in that “we”, have taken shots at gays, gotten side-tracked in politics and other issues. We need to take a stand. I don’t dispute that. But when “we” become prideful, the prideful tend to fall and the world laughs and pokes fun at “we”. It’s almost like “we” deserve it and this type ad should not surprise us.

    But television stations know their audience. And the mid-south is on the fringe of the Bible Belt. I see how the Diocese would respond as they did. Rock 103 got the message out there and spent not a dime on ad space. The world is changing against organized religion, against Christianity. We’ve lost our right to be heard and this ad, for me, proves that. Is it offensive? Yeah, but more than that, it’s the line that is being crossed over and over again but at least, for the moment, I’m happy Memphis tv won’t show the ad. Sorry, I did chase that rabbit, didn’t I?

    By the way, I’ll be in Memphis the end of July. May I buy you a cup of coffee?

  2. Brad Says:

    It might be time for you to think about a simple file server, too. With all of those computers it would be nice to have them networked and to have a single file repository. I built one out of an old desktop I had lying around for less than a hundred bucks. It runs the printer and backs up two laptops and two desktops. Plus, I can access my files from any computer I happen to be on.

  3. joelarkins Says:

    I think that you are “spot-on” in your observations. As always, thanks for checking in and yes, let’s have that coffee when you get to town.

    Brad, I guess I will need to touch base with you to let you guide me through using an old computer to create a file server. We already have all three computers at home (two PCs and a Mac tied together in a network for the internet but we are not set up for file sharing. Heck, I can’t even get my Mac to talk to the printer!

  4. Cleatus Says:

    Joe, it sounds like what you need is a Linux print server thrown in there. Mac and Linux and Windows and Linux talk nicer to each other than Mac and Windows. I know, throwing a 3rd OS into the mix is daunting but I switched my main machine to Linux 2 years ago for connectivity issues and it’s been a lot easier than I thought it would be. It’s worth a try. The OS is free and will run on older hardware with no problems.

    As for Rock 103, I can’t believe anyone even listens to their morning show. Rick and Bad Dog vs Drew and Zippy? There’s no contest. It was clearly a publicity stunt. A fairly smart one at that since both commercials couldn’t have cost more than $30 total to produce.

  5. Joe,

    We are an all Mac shop here, have been for 10 years now, even before leaving TN.

    Know that’s what Viar is using up in Jackson as well with his Final Cut. Think he’d swear by it.

    I’d spend the extra money and go Mac if you have to buy, well worth it! We never have problems from our Mac’s, unlike PC’s.


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