Congrats to a Former Memphis Newsperson and Don’t Try This at Home

I’ve been working on a couple of video projects this week and while waiting for the computer to digest the video I was surfing the net and ran across an item about a new News Director from Baltimore heading to Kansas City.  After checking a little bit I discovered that the person was none other than Peggy Phillip, former ND at WMC in Memphis.  The Pegster, who left Memphis for Syracuse and then on to Baltimore (WMAR) will now head to KSHB .  I had hoped to catch up with PP when I was in Baltimore a few weeks back and she was out of pocket.  We had planned to catch up with her when I return to Baltimore in a couple of weeks but she will be in KC by the time I arrive.  It’s all about….timing.  Anyway, congrats to Peggy.

One of my default channels is The Weather Channel.  That way I’m usually on top of the weather and the Local on the 8s.  I usually stop watching when Professor Jim Cantore starts holding his Weather Classes .  I really feel a condescending tone when JC is preaching his brand of weather.  You know he’s really serious when he takes off his jacket and rolls up his sleeves.  How cliched. But after all of the warnings from both local and national weather folks about avoiding bad weather, TWC along with some other weather experts are now actively chasing tornadoes.   I understand why the weather experts are chasing the storms.  It’s because they’re trying to gain knowledge about what makes storms tick.  That information could help improve forecasting etc.   But the efforts to follow this exercise live in the form of reality TV is really rather silly and I’ve yet to see the folks at TWC be able to go to their person who is in the car riding around trying to find the storms.  It puts me in the mind of someone playing with a loaded gun.  Yes, it’s okay to do that (if you want) but don’t televise it.  If this thing goes south they may need to rename this “Jackass/The Weather Version”.

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5 Comments on “Congrats to a Former Memphis Newsperson and Don’t Try This at Home”

  1. Peggy Phillip Says:

    Joe…now it can be told. When you were visiting the Mid-Atlantic in early May, I was in KCMO, checking out the digs. Sorry we’re going to miss each other this time but perhaps one of your projects will bring you to Kansas City! I’d love to catch up.

  2. Doug Johnson Says:

    See, Joe? I bet you thought Peggy left town to avoid you. Nothing could be further from the truth. Now, when I was in Chicago a few days ago? Well, how it pertains to you is best left unsaid…

  3. Chasing storms should be left up to the experts, always using extreme caution with lots of preparation beforehand. As a veteran of several chases back in Kansas, I refer back to OU’s Prof. Charles Doswell, who referred to the chasing individuals who have no respect for other drivers on the road, or others peoples’ property, all in the name of getting that perfect shot of a tornado (or just getting there first) as “storm-chasing yahoos”. Dangerous and stupid – a bad combination.

    The Vortex2 project is a highly exciting, dynamic new effort in studying severe storms and tornadoes. Mr. Cantore is an over-excited presenter, with an entirely too dynamic delivery. He’s gone from suits to rolled-up shirt sleeves with no ties… TWC: The Weather Casual! What’s next? Bermuda shorts and a t-shirt?

    On the other hand, with some of the duds that have been on screen @ TWC in the last few years (forget his name: salt-and-pepper hair with a not-too-trim mustache… couldn’t stand the weather when he was on the air), Cantore does at least pep things up a bit.

  4. joelarkins Says:

    Thanks for weighing in on this since I do have a great deal of respect for you and your weather prognostications. You are still the only person I know who 1) has seen it rain mud (in Kansas) 2)signs his emails in Latin 3)and has an authentic mood ring.
    A good friend of mine who is also a meterologist tells me that in the early days at weather conferences that JC was a pretty down to earth guy. But that changed after he started getting national attention from his hurricane/storm coverage. I was told that JC now does a “walk-through” at these conferences (at least that was the imnpression my friend got) so everyone could see him and then would depart.
    As for the next stage of weather attire I would not be surprised to see the “weather thong”. I just hope the guys don’t make the mistake of putting it on backwards. Ouch, did I just paint a picture or what.

  5. Along those same lines, or: from your lips to God’s ears…

    “Live stream of the entire process of filming a reality show about storm chasing. The name of the show is Drivers who Dare, and it features Jim Reed and Mike Phelps. The show begins production on May 29, and production runs though the first week or two of June depending on the weather. “

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