Changing of the Guard for Late Night TV and I Forgot to Notice, Plus You Can’t Keep A Good Man Down

I’m watching the morning news as I sit here in a motel and the folks on the NBC affiliate are really making a big deal about the new man at the helm of the Tonight Show.  Jay Leno’s last night was Friday and Conan O’Brien took over Monday.  I guess it’s a big deal for some but not for me.  While I think Jay Leno is funny (my wife and I saw him doing a show in Las Vegas while on a job interview many years ago) we rarely watched the Tonight show after Johnny Carson left.  I bet we watched Leno maybe a dozen times over the years and never a complete show.  I ran across Conan less than a dozen times and rarely stuck around the watch although I’m told he’s a funny guy. We used to watch Letterman a lot but got out of the habit when I started working early mornings.  When we did try to watch Letterman just didn’t seem quite as edgy as he used to be and always seemed to be in a sour mood.    Our comedians of choice is Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.  So I guess I just can’t get excited about the changing of the guard.  Maybe I’ll come around but first I’ll need to watch and that doesn’t seem to be in my plans at this point in time.

And congratulations are in order for my good friend Doug Johnson.  Doug, who was caught by the downsizing ax at Fed Ex this spring makes an appearance in the Commercial Appeal in a story about life after layoffs.  This story comes AFTER Doug signed on with Running Pony Productions.  It’s all about……. timing.  Running Pony gets a good man, Doug is working with a good organization and life is starting to get balanced again.

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2 Comments on “Changing of the Guard for Late Night TV and I Forgot to Notice, Plus You Can’t Keep A Good Man Down”

  1. Doug Johnson Says:

    Either people don’t care much for late night TV… or it’s me. Well, I don’t mind being the only comment. Thanks for the mention Joe!

  2. lead pipe Says:

    Joe, I, too, am a huge fan of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.

    I’m surprised they are still at Comedy Central, and haven’t been spun off to a bigger network.

    Congrats to Doug Johnson!


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