Stick a Fork in Me Regarding Michael Jackson, I’m Done.

So, have the rumors started circulating yet that Michael Jackson isn’t really dead and that he just did all of this to get away to have a normal life?  No?  Expect them to start soon enough.  Afterall, it didn’t take that long before sightings of Elvis began.  I will have to admit that I am already “done” with the King of Pop.  He’s dead. He ain’t coming back no matter how many stories we do on him.  I was trying to decide if I’m in somewhat of the same mindset that Uncle Walter Cronkite was when he reported the death of Bring Crosby and Elvis.  He really played up the death of BC but wanted to downplay the death of Elvis.  I guess to come degree your view on how big a story these deaths would be goes to how much influence the musician had on your life.  I like Elvis and I really like MJ but enough is enough already.  I know  that all three of these guys had a huge impact on the music world and on people in general.  Having said that, I’m really tired of the MJ coverage.  I DON’T CARE ANYMORE.  Even NPR has given me MJ overload.  I’m just waiting for the next phase of the MJ hysteria:  MJ impersonators.  When that happens in a big, big way then MJ will FINALLY have arrived.

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9 Comments on “Stick a Fork in Me Regarding Michael Jackson, I’m Done.”

  1. Doug Johnson Says:

    I seem to remember (and have read recently) that Mr. C. wasn’t actually anchoring the CBS Evening News the day Elvis passed. It might have been Roger Mudd or one of his other regular subs at the desk. It certainly wasn’t the lead story. Giving the other singer’s death more play may have been the result of a generational shift. You feel more comfortable going with what you know.

    It just shows how much “news” has changed over the years. Iran, North Korea, a coup in Honduras, the continuing economic problems… All more important in the big scheme of things that a 50-year old pop singer dying (even if the death was unexpected), but the continuing mix of pop culture into news coverage may be total and irrevocable.

    News managers are so used to putting that kind of stuff high in the show now that they don’t even think about whether it’s really news… or just morbid curiosity.

    BTW, who’s “Bring” Crosby?

  2. joelarkins Says:

    This is what happens when one is in a hurry and doesn’t proof what one writes.

  3. JD Says:

    Uh-Oh, Joe!
    You have stepped in it this time. Next thing you know “they” will spend the next 9 months examining every move Michael Jackson made in his final days. Much like the Anna Nicole Smith coverage. Things like team coverage of what they had for lunch that fateful day. How many “dumps” they pinched. Who gets to keep the dog.
    Let’s also not leave out the future birthday parties for the kids complete with man on the street interviews about the pony rides and cake recipe.
    Last, but not least, the interviews with some bizarro looking attorney regarding where the money went!
    These people passed away. Let them pass on into oblivion in decency, without the bawling squalling old time jubilee media frenzy.
    Ah death! The great equalizer!

  4. ready camera one, take two Says:

    You know…he starred in all of those movies with Brob Hope.

    It’s a sad day-week-month when with all that is going on in the world everything stops for non-stop coverage of a pop icon. I’m just glad the election riots in Iran didn’t happen this week.

  5. lead pipe Says:

    But Joe… there hasn’t been a public viewing yet! And then there is the actual service, and then, then my friend, they have to bury him.

    Now, don’t read too much into this, but I hear that a back hoe, tons of cement and some iron bars have been sent to the Neverland Ranch.

    How can you NOT think that Neverland will be the next Graceland.

  6. Richard Says:

    I, like yourself, am also tired of the “MJ” coverage. Out of all the “stars” that passed away last week or so, I will miss television pitchman Billy Mays the most. While folks will come along that can sing and perform as well or better than MJ, no one can match the “style” of salesmanship like Billy Mays. Not even the Sham Wow goof!

  7. Joe G. Says:

    This whole MJ thing does remind me of the summer afternoon I was at home watching TV on WTVF (Gomer, Gillian or Our Gang, take your pick) and a “5 Eyewitness News Bulletin” slide came up and Mark Russell read an AP report that Elvis had died in Memphis. Then a couple of weeks later, it was a CBS News Special Report slide, and Charles Kuralt saying that Bring Crosby had died.

    I’ve read that about Uncle Walter not being there, and have also read that David Brinkley wanted to lead with it on NBC and announced a late night special report on Elvis’ passing on the air… while no plans had been finalized for the special.

  8. Chris in Brasil Says:


    This is off the subject but just wondering if any of your colleagues or readers ever worked with Myron Lowery when he was at WMC. He was one of my professors at Memphis State back in 1987. Nice guy. I wonder if Memphians remember him more for politics or tv news.
    -Chris J in Brasil

  9. Karen (aka Gamecock Goosey) Says:

    Hey – I was about to bust you on Bring Cosby but alas you’ve been appropriately busted. And love the Brob Hope! tee hee!

    How often do you do this? Does it help drum up business? Or is it just a release of extraneous thoughts that Ms. B no longer cares to hear in real technicolor???

    Think i’ll pou me another glass of wiiiinnneee!

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