If I Promise to Clean my Plate, Make My Bed and Take Out the Garbage Without Complaining, Will You Please Stop the Michael Jackson Coverage/Specials and Why Does Memphis Have an Inferiority Complex (and not a very good one at that!)

I know that I’ve already visited this particular rant but when I opened the morning paper this Monday morning and saw that all of the networks plan to offer live coverage/specials for Michael Jackson this week, I almost spit out my coffee.  I guess I just need to turn off the old tube for about a week or month or so until everyone gets this out of their system.  I will have to admit that I was channel surfing Sunday and was wondering how they got MJ in one particular movie that I ran across.  The movie: Passenger 57.  The person I thought was MJ was actually someone named Alex Datcher.  Perhaps I’m the only one who sees the similarity but I did a double take when Datcher made an appearance as a flight attendant.  Check it out and let me know what you think.  Moving on.

As we gear up for the next round of (special) elections in Memphis, I  still find it amazing that race plays such an issue in EVERYTHING in the so-called “City of Good Abode”.  Having grown up in a redneck environment and having been exposed to racism, I know racism and too many times, the race card is played in Memphis when it really isn’t racism involved.  Heck, I’ve been accused of being a racist by African Americans who didn’t like my comments about something and it had nothing to do with race.  IMHO, it just happens to be an easy fallback position.  That’s one of the reasons it pains me so to see  those who know better to use the race card when it comes to politics. I generally do NOT discuss how I vote in this blog but I will share this: I did not vote for Willie Herenton when he ran for mayor the first time.  I did vote for him twice after that.  I have not voted for him since then as I think his time at being effective as mayor has come and gone.  The person who earns my vote will NOT play the race card and will be a uniter and NOT a divider.  If the only way someone can get elected is to play the race card then that really doesn’t speak much for the direction the Bluff City is headed.  In the short term, it may get someone elected but in the long term we will all drown in the cess-poll that has been created by the divisive politics.  I’ve said this before and I will say it again: If someone had told me 30-years ago that I would call Memphis “home”, I would have not only called that  person a liar, I would have called that person a “damned liar”. After living here for 20-years, I still think Memphis has a lot of potential but right now it has a huge inferiorty complex and even that isn’t a very good one.  It’s time for people to rally behind someone who can lead us from the wilderness.  Quite frankly, I don’t care if that person is black or white.  I just hope he or she has a good sense of direction.

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6 Comments on “If I Promise to Clean my Plate, Make My Bed and Take Out the Garbage Without Complaining, Will You Please Stop the Michael Jackson Coverage/Specials and Why Does Memphis Have an Inferiority Complex (and not a very good one at that!)”

  1. Doug Johnson Says:

    See, you’re just being mean now. Datcher played a stewardESS (sorry, female flight attendant) and Wesley Snipes’ love interest in that movie. Anyway, she may have high cheekbones, but MJ hasn’t been that dark since the “Off the Wall” album!

    I was talking to another transplant to Memphis yesterday. This person’s from Indiana. They noted how strange is seems to see everything break down to race around here… including admonitions to get an equal number of caucasian and African-Americans when getting MOS bites for a news story!

    Look at it this way, we know politics will always be entertaining around here…

  2. Jack Church Says:

    Please stop the insanity! From the morning news all the way thru the late night talkers the coverage of MJ is way over the top. Imagine what it would have been like if we had the number of news outlets we have now when Elvis died. Don’t get me wrong, I think MJ was a pretty good entertainer and I loved Elvis. But when Elvis died if I was subjected to 24/7 coverage for weeks at a time I am convinced I would have thrown my TV out the window and taken a vow never to work in the industry.

  3. MattF Says:

    I think the worst might be over…I just looked up at the bank of 8 monitors in our newsroom and didn’t see one image of MJ! Its probably the first time that’s happened since he kicked it.

  4. lead pipe Says:

    I think the coverage on MJ was appropriate, well done, and now, it’s done.

    Locally, obviously, we now have the Mayors race and the latest on Fullilove to concentrate on.

    One last MJ… his casket, I’d heard it came from the Batesville folks, that was one spiffy ride into the afterlife.

  5. Richard Says:

    On the casket being from Batesville Casket, I received an email stating that it came from the Batesville MS plant. Now unless something has changed, the MS plant makes wood caskets only…not metal….or solid bronze for that matter. It was made in the Batesville Indiana plant most likely.

    Anyway, I hope they bury MJ soon and not cart him around like they did poor ole’ James Brown…may he rest in peace!

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