Yet Another Reason to Pull the Plug on My Cable Service and Please Remove ALL the Caffeine from the Folks in the Morning at The Weather Channel.

I want to say “thank-you” to my local cable system.  You managed to weigh in on my side in an on-going family argument/discussion and didn’t even know it.

Here’s the deal:There aren’t a lot of shows I watch on TV.  I never got on board the reality TV train.  I watched a few minutes of one of the first reality shows to air on CBS (was that Survivor?) and found it to be contrived.  I consider it to be a source of pride that I’ve never watched ANY of the so-called reality show through its entirety and have no intention of doing so.  When I watch TV it is usually tuned to The History Channel (my wife refers to it as the ‘Hitler Channel’ since it shows so much WWII stuff), the Discovery Channel, AMC, TCM, The Weather Channel (more on that in a moment), CNN and MSNBC.  We generally only tune in to the local stations when bad weather is approaching.  I can’t remember the last time we intentionally watched the local news.  About 10 years ago, I had Direct TV installed with the intention of pulling the plug on the local cable TV.  My wife resisted because and ONLY because cable offered LOCAL WEATHER on The Weather Channel’s ‘Local on the Eights’.  She liked to watch MSNBC for news coverage, specifically Keith Olbermann and Rachael Maddow.  Well, the local cable operation recently gave my lovely and talented bride a reason to pull the plug when they dropped MSNBC from its lineup on Channel 45 and moved it to Channel 81 which one needs a digital cable tuner to watch.  So, where does my wife NOW get her MSNBC fix?  That’s right, on Direct TV!  Yes, I know, the loss of one household probably doesn’t concern the local cable company since a year’s worth of basic cable is only about $700 bucks to their bottom line. But 700 bucks to me is 700-bucks and I’m already figuring out where to spend it.

One of the first things I do after turning on the coffee maker in the morning is to turn on the TV to see what’s happening with the weather.  I generally already have an idea because I stepped out front to grab the paper and if the side-walk is wet, I know it’s raining, , etc.  And I know that the parent company of NBC bought The Weather Channel and has been busy transforming it from what it was to something new.  Also, let me go ahead and say that, having worked on a morning show, I know the importance of having enthusiasm by the on-air team.  But the good folks at The Weather Channel have gone WWAAAAAYYYYYYYYY overboard with this “Wake up with Al Roker” thing.  I think they’re trying too hard to show us how much fun they’re having and it comes off (to me at least) as being too contrived.  I now have to hit the mute button until I see the “Local on the 8s” segment.  The rest of the time, I end up reading the national maps with the sound off and figuring out the weather on my own.  That’s a shame too.  Plus, I swear they either repeat the wackiness/shenanigans or just replay the tape a little later in the morning in case some of the viewing audience missed some of the contrived hilarity/ jocularity that takes place.  Folks, sometimes the viewing public just wants information without the hijinx.  Unfortunately, the places where that is available appears to be diminishing each day.  Nuff said.

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12 Comments on “Yet Another Reason to Pull the Plug on My Cable Service and Please Remove ALL the Caffeine from the Folks in the Morning at The Weather Channel.”

  1. MattF Says:

    I turned in my DVR box and canceled my cable almost a year ago now and haven’t looked back. The best part is that since I still get my internet though Comcast they never disconnnected my basic cable so I get that bit for free.

  2. joelarkins Says:

    I just hope they don’t go looking for you and pull the plug on your cable now! Thanks for checking in.

  3. The GM Says:

    Dear Matt,
    Thank you for the information. One of my service techs is on the way to see you.
    Brian Roberts

  4. Billy Mays Says:

    Stephanie Abrams stole all my coke.

  5. joelarkins Says:

    Now, Now, Now. Let’s be nice.

  6. ready camera one, take two Says:

    Oh, so you 2 were the MSNBC viewers.

  7. joelarkins Says:

    Yes, since there really doesn’t seem to be much news anymore that isn’t filtered somehow, (just ask anyone who blogs or responds to blogs)I figured I might as well go to sources (MSNBC and CNN) that don’t make me spit out my beverage when I’m watching it. But hey, that’s MY opinion. And we know opinions are like armpits. Everyone’s got a couple and they generally stink. (Yes, this is the nice version of that old adage)

  8. Jack Church Says:

    Joe, I am convinced that cable companies are evil! We just signed up with Comcast and was very pleased with the “deal” we got for cable, telephone and internet. Then about three days ago after having the “deal” hooked up for about 30 days we get a 5 page contract in the mail saying we need to sign this one year contract to keep our “deal” rates in place for the next 12 months. I swear the contract read like one of my old talent contracts with everything slanted to the cable company and the “deal” while there was at least three pages of action they can take if I cancel the “deal”. Nobody, and I mean nobody told me about a contract when we eagerly signed up for the “deal”. However, my lovely bride made a call and I’m not sure what she said but it must have been good because they agreed to let us keep the “deal” for the next 12 months and it would not be necessary for us to sign the contract. However, I can hardly wait to see the next “deal” in 12 months and what suprise they have in store for us then. Cable companies need to lose the smoke and mirros and simply try telling the truth! And don’t get me started on how long we had to wait for them to show up and hook us up for the “deal”.

  9. Joe, we canceled our Dish Network on January 1st. We don’t even have television anymore and if we can’t download movies on Itunes or NetFlix, we don’t watch. Nothing on prime time anymore, nothing. Haven’t missed it a bit and like previous poster, never looked back.

    As for Weather Channel, once GE /NBC got their hands on it, they pushed an already bad channel for the past 2-3 years right over the cliff.


  10. Pete Says:

    I filed complaints with the FTC and FCC due to Comcast pulling MSNBC from the line up. They are forcing you to buy more a expensive cable plan and rent a box for 8.00 per month. Also there is that fair and balanced issue, taking MSNBC away does not give us an alternative to Fox Noise.

    Did WPTY fire Bonny Kinney? She is not on their morning show and she was the only reason I watched them, she is a good anchor with a warm presence on the air. Hope she is just on vacation.

  11. IntheKnow Says:

    WPTY wanted to take their morning show in a new direction and that didn’t include Bonny. Huge mistake if you ask me.

  12. JD Says:

    Hi Joe!
    Just passing through and a little sad over the news of Don Hewitt passing away.

    You as well as many others have used a teleprompter for some time now, but he is the one who started news readers (talking “coiffed” heads) using cue cards.
    Putting diagrams, pictures and captions in the background and foreground were also his doing.

    Not many left like him and it’s too bad that news has degenerated into an animal/freak act.
    Like you, I find myself wondering aloud while watching the news/weather….what the hell is so funny? What’s the joke?

    Stay Well!

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