Sometimes You Just Have to Take Matters Into Your Own Hands

I know from personal experience that when it comes to new systems and new operations that it somestimes takes a littel time to get the bugs worked out.  At the station I worked at in the Ft. Myers/Naples area, the now defunct ABC affiliate WEVU-TV, (it exists in some other form or fashion under different call letters I think) we moved into a brand-new building over the course of a weekend.  Our first newscast was the early evening news.  The anchors sat on set, the news open rolled and voila!, no audio could be heard from our microphones.  That hadn’t been hooked up yet!  We went to black, popped in some other show and didn’t have an early news.  At 11pm, the problem was resolved and while we may have had another minor glitch, everything else was okay.  As I said, I understand there are always a few SNAFUs to work out in the early days.  Having said that, I’m more than a little annoyed by the new yard waste collection effort by the city of Memphis.  They changed over to the new system the first full week of July.  Up until that point if you placed yard waste (bagged grass, tree limbs, etc. by the curb, it got picked up when the rest of your garbage was collected.  It’s one of the services we expect by paying our city fees.  Yes, there is a caveat that “yard waste will be picked up when possible” and I understand that.  But that usually means the system is bogged down by things such as Hurricane Elvis or other bad storms.  So, after having hauled our yard waste to the curb, I expected to see it gone sometime during the week.  Not anymore.  The last time the city picked up yard waste at my house was August 7th.  Since then when I cut the grass, I had to move the debris since it was killing our grass next to North Parkway.  I moved it yet again this past weekend as it still hadn’t been picked up.  I asked the folks collecting the garbage on Friday if there was a problem and they said no, and that it was supposed to be collected when all other garbage was collected.  After hearing that, I went into my office, got on the computer and made up the following signs and posted them in my front yard where all who drive by can see them. 

Yes, it’s just blowing off some steam and no, it probably won’t do any good.  But hey, it’s one step away from placing all of the trash into the traffic lane to get it off of my grass.  Of course then I’m sure I would receive a citation for littering if it moved the foot or so into the street while it’s just an eyesore when it stays where it is on the curb.

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15 Comments on “Sometimes You Just Have to Take Matters Into Your Own Hands”

  1. The GM Says:

    See, it is already happening. The city just doesn’t run properly without the guiding hand of W.W. Herenton.

  2. joelarkins Says:

    Don’t make me come to your station and have words with you. LOL
    Thanks for checking in.

  3. JD Says:

    Hi Joe!
    You know you should be careful with all that dry stuff laying around out front.

    People drive up and down the street throwing cigarette butts out all the time. (sknzzz! Wink-Wink)

    Stuff happens. I-Ching. Adapt to the environment. Darwin. Improvise.

    I agree with The GM. “The Doc” leaves and this city is just ruint!

    Stay Well!

  4. Doug Johnson Says:

    Let’s load it all into the back of your truck and drop it at City Hall. The mayor pro-tem is an understanding kind of guy… I’m sure there wouldn’t be any trouble…

  5. JD Says:

    Hi Joe!
    Doug Johnson may have an idea there!

    In my treasure book of Memphis Memories I recall during the sanitation strike in the 60’s, where some individuals dumped about 4 loads of garbage out on the front lawn of Mayor Loeb’s home over on Colonial.
    Bit of nasty business.
    This prompted a police officer, decked out in full riot gear, being posted out front. It was also the start of having body guards assigned to the Mayor’s of Memphis ever since.

    Need a pickup truck?
    Stay Well!

  6. joelarkins Says:

    I briefly considered just making it one big pile from the curb to the brick retaining wall in front of my house but that would have meant that children walking to school would have to step into the street to get around the debris. Hey, these days kids have enough to worry about IN school and they don’t need to worry about things while GETTING to school. I also seriously considered letting the stuff drift into the driving lane closest to the curb but then I would probably be cited for littering. I hadn’t considered a lighted match nor dropping it on the mayor’s lawn although dropping it off at City Hall is not a bad thing. Of course if I had the where-with-all to load it up, I might as well haul it to the landfill as well. I just want the stuff off my lawn.

  7. Jack Church Says:


    You make a fine looking sign! I can relate a story close to this…when I was a kid growing up near Paris, Tennessee we lived on Kentucky Lake. The local (private) water company was constantly having problems keeping the water flowing (400-500 customer base) and more than a couple of times we went down to the lake with a bar of soap and took care of business. Well finally my Dad was fed up and started a protest against the water company. After no improvement in service he did the unexpected. He BOUGHT the water company! Service got better, but not without working me, him and several of his buddies 24/7 for almost a year. Finally he sold the water company and to this day his legacy lives with water flowing thru the Russwood Shores community. Go get’em Joe!

  8. joelarkins Says:

    Jack, thanks for the compliment on my sign. My lovely and talented bride (always the stickler for details) wanted to know why I changed fonts as I made the sign. That was an accident as I had to make the sign in several pieces and didn’t check to see that the font was the same. That’s why my wife is in charge of our household and not me!

  9. Capt. Kirk Says:


    Gave this some thought and came up with this for you!

    Call a private contractor and have it hauled away, do this as often as you need to do so (when the agency isn’t completing the assigned task within a appropriate time frame, 7 days seems appropriate to me here…it is a weekly service after all!) keep these receipts for such service. When it comes time for the city to collect tax, submit your receipts for a city tax credit!

  10. joelarkins Says:

    Not a bad idea Captain Kirk although I would imagine the city and county would merge/consolidate before I would ever get any money or satisfaction. I think my chances of trying to get a prorated bill would be right up there with trying to get a prorated bill from the local cable company.
    Thanks for checking in.
    By the way, how’s that new chopper flying?

  11. Uncle Sam Says:

    I wonder if the song Alice’s Restaurant applies here!

  12. joelarkins Says:

    Since the digital age, it may be harder to actually have the 8 x 10 glossies with the arrows and circles and paragraphs on the back. Regards

  13. autoegocrat Says:

    I’m a bit late to this party but I want to register the fact that I came in here to say what the GM said.

  14. Lyle Says:

    Good to see Ben Watson getting results!

  15. Ok Joe, Did I just see you doing a demo tape for WMC? Viewed it on the web here in VA! Now that’s how you get your trash picked up! Next thing, we’ll see you anchoring the news down on Union Ave!

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