A Familiar Face Back on Memphis TV & I’m Taken to Task for NOT Watching Local TV News

I always enjoy touching base with my former co-workers.  Okay, I enjoy touching base with MOST of my former co-workers.  Reconnecting with a former compadre from Southeast MO has led to other reconnects and so on and so forth.  I most recently heard from Amy Spears/Speropoulos who used to be an anchor/reporter at WREG.  Amy tells me that as of Monday morning, she will be the new morning reporter for WMC.  AS and her husband had left the Memphis area a couple years ago and have since moved back.  I always enjoyed working with AS and always thought she did a great job on the air.  Viewers liked her as well when she was DOTR and I think they’ll like her just as much OOU. (Over on Union).  I know at one time, the thought of someone leaving WREG to go to work at WMC was enough to send some managers into a coniption as that was considered the ultimate slap in the face.  There was a regular effort to demonize WMC as the “evil-doers”. I still chuckle at that. Anyway, congrats to Amy.

I was chided recently because I do not watch local TV news.  The person who chided me about it: my lovely and talented bride.  She told me that I should start watching local TV news again, just so I would know who the on-air folks are.  I guess I should also do that so I can see if anyone has renamed/rebranded their weather coverage  or their consumer reporting  coverage.   So, I will attempt to see what I’ve been missing.  I’ll will keep you posted.

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5 Comments on “A Familiar Face Back on Memphis TV & I’m Taken to Task for NOT Watching Local TV News”

  1. ready camera one, take two Says:

    Don’t do it, Joe! Don’t do it! Turn away from local news before it is everlastingly to late. People all across the Mid-South exist not knowing there was a shooting in Orange Mound, a fire in North Memphis, and a contentious city council meeting. And they function quite well I must admit, for I am one of them. Just say this out loud.
    My name’s _________ and I’m not a local news watcher.

  2. JD Says:

    Hi Joe!
    Off topic and just for your edification
    …………but if you click here, you will come to a site which has “motion point-creepy girl” in the top line.
    Click on that and see if this is what you were talking about regarding the appearence of anchors on CNN. (Not vulgar I promise!)
    If the oriental girl comes up move your cursor around and watch her expressions.
    This is not, nor has it ever been a real person. Can you imagine a virtual Joe Larkins?

  3. Mmmm, years & miles ago, when I moved “OOU” and hit the air doing a live shot from then Sky-5, a dictionary or encyclopedia was hurled across the newsroom “DOTR”, so I am told, I wasn’t there to see it but did have a voice mail left from a witness to it, priceless.

    Congrats Amy!

  4. Doug Johnson Says:

    I’m guessing you missed the latest edition of “Smart Medicine,” a monthly health newsmagazine show, is a co-production of Baptist Memorial Health Care, Running Pony Productions and WKNO-TV. Hosted by news anchor Joe Birch, the news program features various Mid-South medical and health experts discussing the latest health news and services available in the area.

    On it, you could have seen the cover story, reported by Rod Starns, formerly of WMC, a segment on women’s medical issues, reported by Lurene Cachola, formerly of WREG and a children’s health segment, by some guy. I hear it’s pretty good.

  5. joelarkins Says:

    That’s not just some guy who does the children’s health segment. That’s former WREG health reporter Doug Johnson!! It’s “news you can use”, and “TV worth watching”.

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